Chappie’s Café in Ardsley square, 1941
Chappie’s Café in Ardsley square, 1941


The Ardsley Historical Society Newsletter is published three times each year. Subscription to the newsletter is included in membership dues, and is available in PDF format below. All articles, queries, and replies should be addressed to the Ardsley Historical Society. Although every attempt is made to maintain historical accuracy, the editor and the Society assume no responsibility for errors. The editor also reserves the right to edit where necessary.

The Ardsley Historical Society wants members to share their memories of past years. So please send us your memories of Ardsley. They can be found in a moment of time in your childhood or youth, young adulthood, or as an adult. They could be times before, during and after WWII. They could be memories before, during or after the construction of the New York State Thruway. It could simply be a picture of you as a baby somewhere in Ardsley and notes of what was happening at the time. Please just use your imagination and then share with us. We will then, with your permission, print these memories in upcoming newsletters. When you are ready, mail the memory and information to us at P.O. Box 523, Ardsley, NY 10502. If you have any questions, please call us at 914.693.6027. Thank you!

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